AlphaGroup Launches FOEs Against Discrimination

NOVEMBER 3, 2020

The AlphaGroup of Medical Communications companies has always operated on principles of equality and respect for all races, religions, ages, nationalities, genders, or sexual orientations. We seek to create a diverse and egalitarian organization with equal opportunity for all.

“As employers, we have an obligation to lead,” said AlphaGroup founder and partner Stephen Douthwaite. “We can’t correct everything that is wrong with society and institutional discrimination that permeates our society, but we can make changes in our companies and families and our own lives that lead to a better, more fair and just society for all. That is why we are launching this initiative today.”

We are proud to share our dedication with our initiative FOEs Against Discrimination (Fairness, Opportunity, Equality). We invite you to read here how this extends throughout all areas of our business, both internally and externally.

As part of our FOEs Against Discrimination pledge, we are launching various initiatives. All staff will be offered discrimination and sensitivity training to learn more about the history and impact of discrimination in the US, sensitivity and appropriate/inappropriate language/conduct, and what to do if you witness prejudice.

We are also creating a FOEs Partnership led by an employee volunteer council that will originate further plans for action. These members will participate in fairness and equality conferences to share their findings with our organization, and to implement an even stronger environment of inclusion. This includes selecting a philanthropic campaign for the company to pursue and helping guide us on equivalence training for recruitment and supplier sourcing from minority-owned providers.

Please join us in our efforts toward positive action by following our stories on our blog and on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also invite you to read more about our culture or join us by applying for one of our open positions.

Thank you for your support.