Pride in all that we do as a company

AUGUST 3, 2021

The inaugural Bucks-Mont Pride Festival was held July 18 at the Abington Arts Center. And 16 members of the AlphaGroup family were there to help spread the love by volunteering their time to set up, help manage during the event, and help clean up once the festivities were done.

The festival featured information and resources, live music, food and drinks, merchandise both Pride-themed as well as from queer-owned businesses, and lots of fun and camaraderie. The event was organized and hosted by the SAGA Community Center, which describes itself as “An interfaith and no-faith affirming place for all sexualities, genders, and sexes in Montgomery and Bucks County, PA.”

AlphaGroup volunteers at the inaugural Bucks-Mont Pride Festival

Madison Rosandich (left) and Meryl Gersh enjoy the festival after their volunteer shift

The first shift of AlphaGroup members arrived at 9:30 am to help set up tables, booths, and banners. As vendors from local businesses, nonprofits, personal resource groups, and faith-based organizations arrived, the team went to work hauling in products and setting up displays.

The event opened at 1 pm, and many AlphaGroup team members took the opportunity to hang around and enjoy the celebration. Alongside vendors at this free outdoor event, the festival also included a wide variety of performers and yoga in addition to delicious foods.

“It was a great experience to come together with so many other people and help make the first ever Bucks-Mont Pride Festival a success,” said AlphaGroup Director of Scientific Quality and Support Chelsea Corradetti.

Once the festivities ended at 6 pm, AlphaGroup members went back to work, removing displays and getting a good workout by trekking up and down the hill at the Abington Arts Center to remove trash and put away tables and chairs.

Despite the hard work, the AlphaGroup team spent the day with smiles on their faces, enjoying the opportunity to connect with each other as well as with various local groups, while simultaneously supporting SAGA’s mission for an affirming and inclusive community.

“It was really fun,” said Principal Scientific Communication Manager Katie Pieper. “Everyone was so nice, and it was great to help out and make the event successful, especially since it was the first time they were holding it.”

AlphaGroup team members set up tables for vendors

Judy Phillips ends the day strong by assisting with cleanup