Taking steps to build an inclusive workspace for neurodiverse people

December 7, 2021

As a part of AlphaGroup’s ongoing efforts to enhance our culture, we enlisted the help of Neurodiversity in the Workplace to host a recent training session.


Located in Philadelphia, Neurodiversity in the Workplace is an organization dedicated to connecting neurodivergent job seekers with inclusive employers. Neurodiversity in the Workplace is committed to helping at every stage of the hiring process by identifying appropriate roles for neurodivergent employees, preparing candidates for long-term careers, and supporting employers and employees as they navigate the on-boarding process.

Amanda Zorzi, Employment and Training Specialist at Neurodiversity in the Workplace, provided a broad overview of neurodiversity and discussed best practices for effective communication. Her engaging stories and eagerness to answer questions provided the perfect atmosphere for learning about how to create an accepting and accessible workplace.

After the meeting, the AlphaGroup team was brimming with excitement and questions. Several employees commented on how this is an often-overlooked topic within DEI conversations, and Angela Schlegel, Scientific Technical Editor, noted “I never thought stimming and sensory issues would be discussed seriously and compassionately at work, but here we are.”


“Understanding the different ways neurodiverse people experience and interact with the world is critical to ensuring a safe and inclusive workplace. We are grateful for our most recent training on how to implement supportive protocols within our organization”, said Mike Smith, Partner and Group Managing Director at AlphaGroup Medical Communications.

About our Company:

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