The Alpha Brew

September 7, 2022


“Thus far in 2022, AlphaGroup has grown by more than 40%, and staff has grown approximately 10% year after year,” said AlphaGroup Managing Director Mike Smith. “We are proud to continue to build a culture focused on quality with continuous learning, and our growth indicates our success.”

Happy 10-year milestone anniversary to Mike Smith, Group Managing Director.


  • Elizabeth Hurtado, Account Coordinator, AlphaScientia
  • Clotilde Robinson, Medical Editor, AlphaGroup
  • Jennifer Kurdziel, Senior Account Director, AlphaBioCom
  • Charlotte Bavley, Scientific Communications Manager, AlphaScientia
  • Leilany Lopez, Account Coordinator, AlphaBioCom
  • Dana Lengel, Scientific Communications Manager, AlphaBioCom
  • Anthony Sallese, Scientific Communications Manager, AlphaBioCom
  • Abby Leonhardt, Account Coordinator, AlphaScientia
  • Duncan McCloskey, Scientific Communications Manager, AlphaBioCom
  • Shae Collman, Graphic Designer, AlphaGroup
  • Cassaundra Schaefer, Medical Editor, AlphaGroup



In honor of Women’s History Month, the AlphaGroup TIDE Committee ran its second annual Period Products Drive and Fundraiser throughout March. In the US, two of five menstruating individuals will experience period poverty—the inability to access menstrual hygiene products due to financial hardship—at some point in their lives. We supported the fight to end period poverty by donating menstrual hygiene products to the SPOT Period, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that provides menstrual products and education to marginalized girls and women, and by donating funds to the Alliance for Period Supplies, a nationwide network of nonprofits that collects and distributes period products to those in need. In total, AlphaGroup donated more than seven packages of period products and raised $421, for a total donation value of $1,130.

Madison Rosandich and Chelsea Corradetti dropping off AlphaGroup’s donations at The SPOT Period.
Director of Operations – Sonal Shah


May saw the conclusion of the AlphaGroup Mentorship Program. President Stephen Douthwaite and Director of Operations Sonal Shah each provided 4 months of one-on-one mentoring to a high school student from the Downingtown (PA) School District. By building a meaningful relationship with their primary mentor and engaging with a series of secondary mentors, the two students learned about the medical communications industry and developed important life and career skills, all while gaining paid internship experience. AlphaGroup is proud to have had the opportunity to help boost these exceptional students toward their undoubtedly bright futures.


CMPP roll call – We are extremely proud of our newest Certified Medical Publication Professionals (CMPP): Zehra Gundogan, VMD; Lauren Hanlon, PhD; Patrick Little, PhD; Kathleen Pieper, PhD; and Margaret Van Horn, PhD.

AlphaGroup participates in the 18th Annual ISMPP Meeting – We were excited to reunite with our medical communications industry colleagues in-person at the 18th Annual Meeting of ISMPP (International Society for Medical Publication Professionals) in Washington, DC, in May. Mike Smith and AlphaBioCom agency representatives Iesha Lewis-Crofoot, CMPP, Vice President, Head of Client Services, and Jennifer Meyering, RN, MS, CMPP, Vice President, Head of Scientific Services, were on-site at our company booth to support the event’s “Future Ready” theme.

“It is always a pleasure to reconnect with industry colleagues at ISMPP, and after the COVID-related hiatus, this year’s conference was breaking records in terms of attendance,” Iesha said. “We enjoyed engaging with our fellow publications professionals and contributing our collective AlphaGroup expertise to the discussion.”

AlphaGroup executive leaders Jennifer Meyering, Vice President, Head of Scientific Services (left); and Iesha Lewis-Crofoot, CMPP, Vice President, Head of Client Services for our AlphaBioCom agency at the 18th Annual Meeting of ISMPP International Society for Medical Publication Professionals.

Gregory Bezkorovainy, VP, Scientific Director, of our AlphaScientia agency, help kick off the 18th Annual Meeting of ISMPP International Society for Medical Publication Professionals.



One of the meeting’s highlights was the discussion of the fourth iteration of Good Publication Practices (GPP4). AlphaScientia VP, Scientific Director Gregory Bezkorovainy helped to kick off the event’s first workshop, “Introduction to Publication Planning.” Gregory, along with two other faculty, presented an instructional introduction to the process of publication planning that focused on the profession’s history and Good Publication Practices.


We are pleased to continue to support our clients and authors in achieving hundreds of publications—several of which have been for highly publicized, groundbreaking research—in multiple journals and at many prestigious international congresses. This has involved working in many therapeutic areas, including (but not limited to) cardiology, cellular and gene therapy, dermatology, gastroenterology, hematology, hepatology, immunology, oncology, ophthalmology, neurology, psychology, rare diseases, and rheumatology. It also includes publications supported by our dedicated HEOR function.


“…this is what a great strategic partnership looks like, and it is so rewarding to be part of these efforts! This is what makes me excited to come to work each day!” – Director, Medical Communications

“Now that the manuscript has been successfully submitted, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank (the AlphaGroup team) for their hard work, late nights, professionalism, and aplomb in the face of an aggressive deadline that became even more aggressive when the deadline unexpectedly shifted 4 days earlier.” – Director, Publications

“Thanks for all the help with our pubs. You and your team are doing superb work.” – Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

“Among the many things I am thankful for this year are the tremendous partnership we have built and the good, valuable, meaningful work we have done together.” – Associate Director, Scientific Communications & Exchange

“Many thanks for all your hard work (and) back-and-forth with the authors, especially the lead authors. I know folks are very pleased with your work and the team collaboration.” – Senior Director, Scientific Publications & Medical Affairs

“I believe you all already know how fortunate I feel to have all of you on my extended team! As I have previously said, I have the ‘dream team’ with all of you working on our multiple compounds and projects.” – Senior Director, Scientific Publications & Medical Affairs

“Clinical research is a jigsaw puzzle and whether positive or not, each piece helps to complete the jigsaw in the end. I want to also thank all the colleagues at the AlphaBioCom for their support through the process” – Executive Medical Director, Clinical Development

“Thank you for all the work on our abstract submissions. I know it was a race to the end but we all truly appreciate the support of the ABC team.” – Senior Director, Global Medical Affairs Excellence


About our Company:

AlphaGroup is a team of PhD scientists, MDs, PharmDs, nurses, designers, and communications and innovation experts. Our collective genius delivers the highest-quality scientific, medical affairs, and outcomes communication services anywhere in the world. The company thrives on three pillars of success—Precision, Integrity, and Passion. Our goal is to cultivate a culture of quality, caring, cutting-edge thinking, and service across a team, reinventing the medical and scientific communications industry standard globally.